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Health Care on Less Than You Think book coverFrom bestselling author Fred Brock, the first ever hands-on guide to managing your family’s health care costs—and maximizing your coverage

With Retire on Less Than You Think and Live Well on Less Than You Think, Fred Brock gained a following with his focus on increasing wealth by decreasing expenses rather than by chasing investment fads. He now applies his uniquely pragmatic and achievable money-protection strategies to the most alarming financial issue today: the health care crisis in America.

Health costs are soaring, strangling job decisions, bankrupting families, and unsettling retirement plans. Workers with insurance at their jobs face constant cuts in coverage for an ever-steeper price tag, while forty-six million Americans lack insurance and have to fend for themselves. Medicare and prescription drug coverage are under strain. And with so much money at stake, it’s no surprise that the financial industry is rooting for the new Health Savings Accounts: a boon for their profits, but a mixed bag for families.

Brock investigates the best options available, offering the first one-stop guide to maximizing health coverage while minimizing expense—with potential savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars each year. Worksheets and a handy resource list give readers the tools to customize their plan to their ages and needs.
Once again, Brock provides unrivaled, objective, and essential financial reporting and advice to safeguard the wallets of American families.

In Health Care on Less Than You Think:
Drawing on the experiences of regular Americans and his pragmatic, dollars-driven analysis, Fred Brock shows readers how to

  • assess employer-based health plans and choose among the plans available to each family
  • shop for the best coverage at the least cost if a job does not provide insurance
  • compares insurance costs, eligibility, and benefits in different states
  • decipher the new Health Savings Accounts—and understand their benefits and costs
  • choose supplemental dental and eye-care coverage
  • track down the biggest savings on prescription drug costs
  • master the insurer’s fine print and win battles over payments to get the most out of a plan
  • manage the Medicare system and long-term care insurance to protect retirement savings

“Now, if you're going to title your book Health Care on Less Than You Think, you'd better have some real tips on how to lower costs, and this book does.” – Zen Personal Finance

“A useful guide to maximizing health-care coverage without breaking the bank. Money-saving maestro Brock examines the best options for procuring affordable health insurance, suggesting tactics for successfully dueling with your insurance company, negotiating with health-care providers, saving on prescription drugs (one hint: purchase them in Canada) and learning about the advantages and disadvantages of a Health Savings Account. With a pragmatic, pro-active tone, he advises on how to shop for insurance and how to go about planning for your transition to Medicare.” – Kirkus Reports

Sample a Chapter of Health Care on Less Than You Think.
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Listen to an interview with Fred Brock about Health Care on Less Than You Think.

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